What kind of bearing housing is generally divided?

The common bearing seat in daily life is a very common base for the link bearing. Its function is mainly to better link the joint between the bearings. Some of the bearing housings currently on the market are relatively compact and rotate back and forth. The aspects are also more convenient, then, what kind of categories are generally divided? Next, we will briefly introduce them to you.

The classification of the bearing housing generally includes: it can be dissected separately, can be rolled, can be used for sliding, and some bearing housings with flange function, the classification is different, so there are also great differences in the function of use. Different functions have different functions, so you must choose according to your own needs when purchasing.

The above is the introduction of the types of bearing housings. There are many different types of products on the market. Therefore, users who need them should choose according to the functions they have to choose. After purchasing, you should first carefully check the instructions. Use according to the instructions on the instruction manual.