What should you pay attention to when maintaining and maintaining the bearing housing?

The bearing seat is a kind of carrier for connecting the bearing. The main function is to play a certain fixed connection. In daily life, it needs good maintenance and maintenance to better play its role. Then, maintenance and maintenance should pay attention to What are the related matters? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.

First, in the maintenance and maintenance of the bearing should be considered is a maintenance of the bearing cooling function, under normal circumstances, if the bearing seat under the effect of normal cooling water will effectively extend the life, thereby improving work efficiency.

Second, it should be preheated during use to avoid cracks during work.

Third, a treatment on the surface of the bearing housing.

Fourth, do not make the signal line of the bearing housing contact with the die casting machine during work. Once contact, the danger will be great.

The above is the relevant introduction to the maintenance and maintenance of the bearing housing, I hope that through our explanation can bring some help to everyone.